Public Entity Liability / Civil Rights

Our firm has developed and cultivated a reputation that is second to none in
achieving success for our public entity clients in the often complicated and sometimes
bewildering realm of litigation that is brought against them.

Claims that are brought against local government span a broad spectrum of
disputes. They include suits against the police for excessive force or improper police
tactics, police pursuits, and alleged deficiencies in police policies. They include claims
against public officials or administrative boards over zoning disputes, and for alleged
discrimination or retaliation based upon political or other impermissible reasons. They
also include the defense of the public entity as an employer against employee
discrimination claims under state and federal statutes, as well as the defense of
governmental employee claims for retaliation under the Federal Constitution or under
state statute. Finally, these matters include tort or negligence claims brought against
local government in areas such as streets, highways, sidewalks, public utilities, motor
vehicles, and with respect to realty and other property owned by the entity.

Our firm is also well versed in the defense of school districts and their employees
in matters involving students with disabilities, as well as claims involving alleged
improper, inappropriate, or deficient supervision of students, student discipline, and
alleged improper contact with students by employees. We also regularly defend
negligence and tort claims brought against school districts for accidents involving
students on school premises, or while riding a school bus.

We are recognized for our innovative approach to the litigation and resolution of
these disputes. We also frequently provide counseling and continuing education to our
public entity clients to help avoid the many mine fields and pit falls that exist in the
operation of local government and the provision of its services to the public in our current
society. We recognize both the costs and risks that are inherent in the defense of these
cases, as well as the stakes that are often present for our clients in achieving a
successful result. Therefore, we always strive to provide practical and cost effective
advice and resolution strategies to our public entity clients in tandem with the proven
ability to deliver the expert, skilled, and strong representation that is needed to prevail
when these matters are litigated to conclusion.