Eminent Domain

Eminent domain law provides an organization, usually a governmental body, the power to take, injure or destroy private property for public purposes. Land is most commonly taken for purposes such as transportation, electrical service or natural gas transmission. This awesome power of law is constrained by various specific requirements for proper condemnation of property. Municipal entities are required to follow specific, technical procedures to properly condemn the constitutionally protected property rights in properly serving public purposes.

Just compensation is a very subjective assessment of damages to be paid to the condemnees. Property owners are cautioned about accepting condemnors’ subjective appraisal of property values. An attorney experienced in this specialized area of law may service property owners by stopping or redirecting condemnation. If not, recovery for condemnees may included: just compensation, business damages, moving expenses, engineering fees, appraisal fees and attorney fees. Attorney referrals are invited. Statewide services are provided.

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