Product Liability

Product liability claims are made every day arising out of personal injury, death, or property damage allegedly caused by or resulting from the: manufacture, construction, design, development, preparation, assembling, testing, service, warning, instructions, marketing, packaging or labeling of any product. Product liability cases pose sophisticated legal issues for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and wholesalers. These cases often involve substantial risk of financial exposure to these entities. We are experienced in facing sympathetic plaintiffs with well-financed plaintiff attorneys in tough jurisdictions.

Successfully defending a product liability case requires more than just mastering the legal complexities of the case. It requires a personal knowledge and understanding of the product and how it is designed, tested and manufactured. It also demands knowledge of the subject organization’s culture as well as its quality control procedures. It requires an in-depth understanding of the technical and scientific principles applicable to the product and an ability to effectively cross-examine expert witnesses who question the product’s safety. We have a team of trial lawyers and paralegals with a database of investigators and experts who will defend the product. We are experienced at working with engineers and scientists who design and test products. We understand how to help them explain what they believe to a jury.

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