Matthew O. Sanyour

Matthew O. Sanyour is a civil litigator licensed in Pennsylvania.  His practice encompasses the defense of public entities and municipal clients in employment and civil rights cases.  Mr. Sanyour has also previously defended individual clients in civil litigation, including breach of contract claims.  In this capacity, he successfully overturned an improper arbitration award.

Before joining Lavery Law, Mr. Sanyour practiced in intellectual property (IP) and business organizations for six years.  As a consultant, he advised corporate clients in regulatory guidance, federal contracting, intellectual property protection, IP licensing, trademark practice and registration, and trade secret law, with a particular focus on biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.  His work included IP interest arising in the electronics industry and the publishing industry as well.  To that end, Mr. Sanyour collaborated with licensed patent attorneys in patent law practice, including assisting in the preparation of provisional patent applications.

Mr. Sanyour has a history of pro bono work on behalf of individuals in civil litigation defense and pro-se applicants in IP law. He volunteered as an electoral official and was subsequently elected and served four years as an Inspector of Elections in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Sanyour graduated from Princeton University with a BA in politics and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law with a concentration in Intellectual Property and Innovative Law.  During law school and immediately thereafter, he also completed a  postbaccalaureate course of study in biology at the University of Pittsburgh including computational biology, genetics, endocrinology and neuroscience.  He is currently eligible for the US patent exam.